This website is not related to the previous www.iislweb.net
You should have received in the past 24h an email with the subject: ” [IISL – Members] Login Details”
– please note the id provided in the email
– visit the personalised link in this email  to change your password
– when your password is changed, please connect on: https://members.iislweb.space/wp-login.php

Each candidate’s Nominator’s and Nominee’s Form is available on the IISL election website https:/members.iislweb.space/iisl-elections-2020/. The form contains important information about each candidate’s background and motivation, and lists the names of the candidate’s nominator and supporters. You are encouraged to read each candidate’s Nominator’s and Nominee’s Forms before you vote. You are also encouraged to see the composition of the current IISL Board following the link https://iislweb.space/directors/.

The voting polls are accessible only when you are logged in:

Once you have logged in to the IISL member website, follow the link to the elections area which should pop up just after you log in. If you do not see this pop up, click the “ELECTIONS 2020” link at the top of the website. Instructions on how to vote are also posted on the website. Once you have voted, you will see a confirmation message, but you will not receive a confirmation email.

If you do not wish to vote for a particular candidate, do not check that box.

In accordance with the IISL By-Laws, you are encouraged to consider the following factors:

  • The competence and professional reputation of the candidate;
  • The need for representation from the different regions of the world;
  • The need for rotation as well as continuity.

If you have questions about the election, please contact

If you have technical questions about the website, please contact

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