This website replaces  the previous www.iislweb.net
Please follow the following steps to log in to the IISL Members platform:
2- Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ button
3- Type your email address
4- Click on the ‘Reset my password’ button
5- You should receive an email from our platform (if necessary, check your Spam / Junk Mail Folders)
6- Click on the ‘Reset your password’ button
7- Back to the website, create a new password, confirm and click on the ‘Change my password’ button
Your can now connect to the website!
Please follow the following steps to pay your membership fee:
2- Click on the ‘Add to basket’ button
3- A green message should appear. Click on ‘View basket’ or click on the basket icon at the top right of your screen
4- Check the good items were saved and click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button
5- Put the required information
6- Click on the ‘Place order’ button
You may go to this page to find the relevant information: https://members.iislweb.space/about/
Each candidate’s Nominator’s and Nominee’s Form is available on the IISL election website https:/members.iislweb.space/iisl-elections-2020/. The form contains important information about each candidate’s background and motivation, and lists the names of the candidate’s nominator and supporters. You are encouraged to read each candidate’s Nominator’s and Nominee’s Forms before you vote. You are also encouraged to see the composition of the current IISL Board following the link https://iislweb.space/directors/.
If you have questions about the election, please contact elections@iislweb.org

If you have technical questions about the website, please contact webmaster@iislweb.org
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